Beacon College, CIS Web & Digital Media

For Creative Students with Learning Differences & ADHD





Shooting Video. Final Projects. Working in the lab. Photography Class.

Course Sampling
The track offers comprehensive courses in digital media and graphic design. Course titles and descriptions are subject to change.

Visual Communications
Visual Communications provides students with the fundamentals of design, and guides them through graphic production projects that examine perceptual, psychological, and cultural concepts. The course also explores the role of the production team in generating creative design solutions and compelling brands.

Digital Imaging and Design
Students use Adobe Photoshop to explore the artistic potential of imaging technology and solve visual problems. They learn how to plan and produce digital images that demonstrate an understanding of design, composition, color, and visual communication. Hands-on projects include digital painting, photomontage, image manipulation, photo retouching, text effects, and layout techniques for digital art, ads, and publications.

Web Design
An introduction to the design, creation, and maintenance of web pages and websites. Students gain fundamental knowledge of HTML and CSS, as well as effective navigation, appropriate use of graphics, type, color, and multimedia.

Digital Video
Students combine audio, video, and graphics to develop digital video projects. They become proficient in cutting and editing video clips on a timeline. Emphasis is placed on developing quality video for the Web.

Electronic Commerce
Explores the basic concepts and strategies for understanding expanding opportunities in relation to electronic commerce. Organizational, business, managerial, and strategic implications for electronic commerce will be examined.

Web Production Strategies
Students design and program standards compliant Web sites using HTML, CSS, and practical production strategies. Course work includes scripting languages, interactive forms, user experience design, accessibility, and site optimization. The course also addresses web production with Content Management Systems.

Vector Illustration & Layout
Using vector drawing and painting tools, students learn how to produce original graphics, digital illustrations, and production layouts. The course focuses on aesthetics, visual communication, principles of design, and typography. Projects include vector art, logos, ads, posters, and publications.

Advertising Design
This course provides vital advertising concepts, vocabulary, and graphics production skills for the aspiring digital media professional. Advertising Design trains students to apply critical thinking and problem-solving in terms of branding, demographics, and target market. Class projects expose students to a variety of media and delivery strategies as they create both individual advertisements and advertising campaigns.

Portfolio Seminar
In this capstone course, students assemble their work into a professional portfolio. Students investigate specific areas of the industry and prepare portfolios and digital resumes geared towards their area of interest.