Beacon College Web & Digital Media Program

For Creative Students with Learning Disabilities & ADHD

What To Expect

Beacon is a college like many other colleges, except for one special thing. It's designed exclusively for students who learn differently – students with learning disabilities or ADHD.

At Beacon, teachers present the course information in ways that make it possible for you to really understand, apply, and remember what you're learning. A lot of hands-on projects and activities are built right into the classes. Beacon doesn't just teach you what you need to learn, but also, the best way to learn it, with your LD in mind.

The Web and Digital Media track explores the creative side of technology, with courses in graphic design, advertising, web design, digital video, and media production. Projects focus on real world design solutions with a marketing approach. Projects are evaluated during the class critique where we talk about your artwork, it's strengths, it's weaknesses, and how to go about improving it.

Students who thrive in the Web and Digital Media track are often visual learners. They relate especially well to information in pictures, colors, diagrams, or maps. They have a natural ability to visualize, and they tend to like puzzles and problem solving. The Web and Digital Media track is also great for students who are kinesthetic, people who enjoy hands-on learning and interactive projects. This track can be described as a combination of art and technology. Ultimately digital media design is a computer art form, and as with most things, it's up to you. You get out of it, what you put into it. The key to success is coming to every class period, arriving prepared, alert, and ready to do your best. Day after day, I see students who are thrilled and surprised by their own abilities. Take a look at our student gallery, and you'll see exactly what I mean.